Dare to Dance

Let’ play some word association…

I say dance… you say?

I say dancer…you say?

Do you feature in any of those responses?

One of the reasons I teach people to dance is because fundamentally I believe that everyone can! I know, really, even your dad. The thing is that we hold onto ideas of what dancing looks like – we see the professionals on shows like Strictly Come Dancing or So You Think You Can Dance? and measure ourselves against that.

Strictly come dancing coupleWe think of grace and beauty, toned muscles and flexible limbs and effortless movement. I don’t deny that when we dance we aim for those things, however, there is a a journey to get there.

When I’m working with a client who is overwhelmed with frustration because they just ‘can’t get it right’ I remind them of the process of learning to walk. There is a quite a bit of stumbling before we find our feet, we fall over, we get back up again and each time learn something new about balance, coordination and start building the strength bit by bit. If we can be as gentle as we are with babies learning to walk as we are with ourselves learning to dance for the first time, then I believe the process becomes more about what you can do and less about what you can’t.

Check out how this baby commands the room – we have a lot of learn from little ones!

So a gentle approach to learning will ease the process, but how do you get into the room in the first place. What if everyone laughs at me? What if I find out that I have no rhythm? I might be the slowest in the class! Again I’m not denying the leap into the unknown is a simple thing. Damn even I get nervous going to dance classes and I’ve been dancing since the age of 3! So I get it, it’s scary, but would you dare to take the risk, just to see what’s possible?

My purpose is to teach people who wouldn’t usually feel comfortable going to a dance class. You could be starting at the beginning, have a personal challenge that you wouldn’t want to share with a class, be worried about how you look, how people will perceive you. I provide 1-1 sessions that focus on you and what you want to get from dancing, helping you to overcome anything that gets in your way, and build confidence in yourself and your dancing. You may then feel comfortable to attend a group class at a friendly dance school like Irreverent Dance – a body positive, gender neutral LGBT inclusive dance school.

Wherever you want to start, will you Dare to Dance?

I’m happy to talk through what you need – contact me on rachel@rachelsparksdance.co.uk to book a call or a coffee.